Frequently Asked Questions

Contact any of our EIAM Club officers and they will arrange a time for you to fly a trainer airplane at the EIAM Field with an instructor.  The RC hobby is much easier to become involved in than in decades past.  Affordable electric trainer aircraft with less of a learning curve are available.

The EIAM operates a flying field near the Pocatello Municipal airport Business Park.  The field has a 400’ x 40’ asphalt runway to accommodate RC flight. EIAM realizes we are operating in the National Airspace and the FAA has full authority in administrating RC flight.  A Letter of Agreement with the Federal Aviation Administration allows EIAM to operate in this area.  Per the LOA, RC Hobbyists are allowed to fly no higher than 400’ Above Ground Level during daylight hours.  This venue provides an excellent environment for both fledgling and experienced model flyers.

Contact one of the club officers and they will help you become a member.  This is done by paying a membership fee and submitting it by US Mail to the EIAM Secretary Treasure.  The Secretary Treasure will mail you an EIAM membership card and provide you the locked gate numerical code.

The annual fee is $75 and is good for the calendar year.  Membership dues expire December 31st

EIAM leases the field from the City of Pocatello.  Membership dues pay for the rent and fund the maintenance and upkeep of the runway, lawn upkeep, and weed control. During summer months, EIAM rents a porta-potti for the field. The field is watered by an automatic sprinkler system that needs to be maintained.  One of the goals of EIAM is to provide a pleasant environment to enjoy the hobby.  We do this by keeping our field maintained for our members.

The academy of Model Aeronautics is the national organization that sanctions the RC Hobby.  Per our lease with the City of Pocatello, members are required to join the AMA.  This AMA membership provides the required insurance necessary to fly in the NAS. 

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