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Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers club meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month in the conference room at the Pocatello Airport at 7 PM except during summer months the meetings are held at our club’s flying site, Geisler Field.

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April 2024

Wednesday April 24

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Club Meet airport conf room
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Maybe you are into RC cars in Pocatello!

Or you might like RC crawlers, RC Trucks, RC street racers. Here’s the deal, the Pocatello RC club (Eastern Idaho Aeromodelers) is working on building a crawler course in 2023 in addition to the dirt race track we just built in 2022. These are both adjacent to the flying field and in a great spot to come and meet friends and family. We are looking for helpful and fun-loving new members who will roll up their sleeves, get involved, and help make the RC field a place for multiple types of fun for young and old alike.

Here’s a typical scenario… you head out to the field on a Saturday or Sunday morning around 8 or 9 and fly planes until around 11 when the wind picks up. Then you put your plane away and walk over to the dirt tracks or crawler course and play cars until your batteries are all dead or you gotta eat lunch. I feel better just talking about it.

Remember, as a member you will want to water down the racetrack before you run so you won’t tear it up. Also, members take pride in their club field and don’t litter, smoke in the pit area, or swear around kids. It’s like we’re grown-ups who like playing with really cool toys.

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